Student section at basketball games calls for behavior check

Alana Flinn, reporter

During recent basketball games, the student section has been directed by athletic director Matt Fedde to cease with some of their chants.

While observing some of the students, I could see an angry reaction to the requests. However, the game supervisors are well within their rights to stop and further prevent what could be perceived as offensive cheers.

As part of Rule 52, according to the Kansas State High School Activities Association, “any non-supportive chants, cheers, or actions which are directed toward the opposing team; chants or actions which single out individuals” such as air ball, scoreboard, a sequence of plays (dribble, dribble, pass, dribble, etc.), are all included in the category of Unacceptable Behavior.

Early in the third quarter at the home game against Bonner Springs High School on Tuesday, Dec. 13, the Jaguar fan section decided to start yelling “scoreboard” at Braves fans after the Braves’ cheering section yelled at a Jaguar player “you can’t do that,” directed towards the foul our player had just acquired. Not only did “scoreboard” register complaints from opposing fans, we also lost the game, which made the cheer not only against the rules, but also embarrassing.

The student section needs to keep in mind that Fedde is simply trying to promote common sportsmanship. Complaints issued to the KSHSAA could result in fines that would come from the activities budget, which would hurt all activities, not just the basketball team.

I love to cheer on our team as much as anyone else, but there has to be a line drawn between supporting the Jaguars and tearing down the opponent. If everyone wants to continue to enjoy the games as much as they have been, the respect level needs to increase to avoid bringing further damage to the reputation of the Jaguar cheering section.

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