Student Leadership Team raffles parking spot

Building improvement committee tries to raise money for future projects


By Cassidy Doran

Building improvement committee members of Student Leadership Team finish their new parking spot on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

The members of Student Leadership Team’s building improvement committee will raffle off a parking spot located close to the back doors on the week of Monday Dec. 9 and will be sold at the Catty Shack.

The tickets will be $1 for one ticket and $5 for 10 tickets all next week at the Catty Shack.  The money will pay for future SLT activities.  Winners will be drawn on MVTV and will have the spot for finals week and for most of January.  Junior committee member Cody Deas is hopeful to see the reaction toward the sales from the students.

“I think it will be a big success.  A lot of kids will buy the tickets and it will be a big deal when the winner is chosen,” Deas said.

Deas is wanting the sale to go well to help with future projects.

“SLT raffle is more of a fundraiser for our group so we can build bigger projects and it will help us to better improve our school,” Deas said.

Senior committee member Logan Robertson likes the idea of having a chance to win a good parking place.

“It will be a nice incentive for people because who doesn’t want to have a spot close to the door?” Robertson said.

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