Student leadership team initiates Class Cup competition

Student leadership team initiates Class Cup competition

By Kelsey Floyd

The Student Leadership Team held meetings last week to tell each class about the upcoming Class Cup competition.

Miranda Snyder

Ryan Fullerton, JagWire editor-in-chief

Meetings held last week during seminar with each grade gave the Student Leadership Team the chance to announce the inititian of the Class Cup competition.

The classes will be competing against each other through various spirit day activities and pep assembly competitions. Another competition is the activity of the week, a sporting event in which the class with the highest attendance earns the most points. The class with the highest score at the end of each quarter will receive a prize, which has yet to be determined.

The current scores are as follows: the senior class leads with 31 points, followed by the junior class with 26 points. The sophomores are in third with 10 points, and the freshmen class is in last with eight points.

SLT sponsor Ashley Agre said one of the biggest goals of the competition was increasing student spirit.

“The ultimate goal is to develop student pride in our school so people can say they are proud to be a Mill Valley jaguar,” Agre said.

Sophomore SLT member Mitch Perkins agrees.

“[Our goal is] to have more school spirit and unite the classes,” Perkins said.

Junior Tori Kilkenny thinks the competition shows promise, but also hopes that more students get involved.

“I think it will work if they can get the other classes involved because it normally seems like just a spirit competition between the juniors and seniors,” Kilkenny said.

Agre agrees, hoping all students develop a greater sense of school pride and spirit.

“There’s nothing wrong with having pride in your school and being proud about being a Mill Valley jaguar,” Agre said. “It’s part of your identity. Embrace it.”

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