Student creates mural for Senior Cafe

By Nichole Kennelly

Tenille Iskra, Kylie Pfannenstiel

Sarah Gonzales, reporter

Part of the Senior Café is cluttered with ladders, pieces of cloth and paint brushes. Along with the additions to the school, senior Kelcie Marquardt is painting a mural in the Senior Café, so that the class of 2011 can leave a lasting impression for the underclassmen.

“Since they started construction, I knew I wanted to paint a mural in one of the new areas,” Marquardt said.

Marquardt had been thinking about what she wanted to paint for awhile.

“I was browsing online about different kinds of murals, and I knew I wanted graffiti,” Marquardt said. “I mixed a little bit of old school and new school to come up with a fresh design.”

Marquardt talked to both principal Tobie Waldeck and art teacher Jodi Ellis about her idea.

“I am always open to the idea of putting up murals,” Waldeck said. “I required a detailed plan and I require quality work. I felt like the plan was a good one and I’ve seen Kelcie’s work before and I knew she has a talent for art. When she presented it, she was very professional.”

Ellis also liked the idea of putting up a mural.

“I thought it was a great idea,” Ellis said. “Murals do help to personalize the school. The Senior Café is a new addition and it’s a new space for seniors. It helps make the Senior Café seem more cool and individualized.”

While Marquardt was talking with both Ellis and Waldeck, she decided on her final plan.

“I came up with a graffiti jungle with a realistic jaguar coming out of it,” Marquardt said. “I wanted to do something not literal and a little more abstract because the Senior Café should have a relaxed feeling.”

What helped her come up with the idea was her artistic side.

“I have been interested in art since my aunt taught me how to draw in the second grade,” Marquardt said. “To me art holds less of an individualistic purpose and is more a method in which to share and serve.”

Marquardt has an explanation as to why she chose her design.

“It’s free and fun,” Marquardt said. “It represents the class of 2011 as well as Mill Valley.”

Waldeck played a part in deciding if the mural went up.

“I decided whether or not it was going to be on the wall,” Waldeck said. “If I feel like it’s not quality work, I deny the request.”

Ellis also contributed in making the mural happen.

“All I needed to do was see her idea,” Ellis said. “I sent her to Mr. Waldeck, see what supplies she needed and then buy them. I basically got her set up to paint it.”

Marquardt does not expect the mural to take much time.

“I started at the beginning of second quarter with the idea of having it done by the end of the semester,” Marquardt said.

Both Waldeck and Ellis hope that more murals will go up on the walls as the school years pass.

“I had a few kids suggest ideas about new murals and I support that,” Ellis said. “I think its great for the kids because they get that recognition.”

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