Student Council hosts their 10th Open Mic Night at Ten & Two Coffee

StuCo hosts Open Mic Night for the first time in three years

Meg McAfee, Avery Cole, and Keira Parry

Student Council held its 10th Open Mic Night at Ten & Two Coffee Tuesday, Nov, 29. StuCo’s Open Mic Night invited students to drink coffee, perform on stage or just sit and watch performances.

Student executive board secretary senior Sonny Pentola explained why Ten & Two Coffee was chosen as the location for the event and how it was one of the easier events that StuCo hosts since only a small amount of preparation was needed to set the event up.

“The recent closing of Country Club Cafe caused us to have to change locations. We wanted to have it at a coffee shop and Ten & Two Coffee was the best choice because of its close location and overall great atmosphere.” Pentola said. “The event was an easier one to set up since all we needed to do was reach out to Ten & Two Coffee to confirm dates and times. After that, we just had to bring in supplies like microphones and a keyboard and just get them set up on the stage.”

After attending the event, freshman Paige Roth described why she went and how all the students who attended the event made it an enjoyable experience. 

“I thought that it would be something fun to do with my friends and I wanted to go watch and support my talented classmates,” Roth said. “The event was great because the audience was super involved, they were all cheering and singing along with the people performing on stage.”

Similar to Roth, Pentola, who while running the event was still able to watch all the different performers who went on stage, was happy that his peers were able to showcase what they were good at.

“My favorite part of the event was when the quartet got on stage to sing because they were insanely talented,” Pentola said. “The whole crowd fell silent and were watching closely. It was so fun to get to see my classmates do something like that.”

Overall, Roth thought that the Open Mic Night was a very well-put-together event that StuCo should continue hosting more often. 

“I loved Open Mic Night, I could tell that everyone attending had such a fun time,” Roth said. “Ten & Two Coffee was a perfect location with tons of space around the stage and coffee and food were available. The event was a great experience and StuCo should definitely continue to host it.”

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