Student Ambassadors hosts their first anti-bullying event of the school year

Ambassadors kicked off their annual “You’ve Been Boo’d” event to promote the message of “Anti-Bullying” in October

Allison Seck, JAG editor-in-chief

Student Ambassadors gave a spooky surprise to one seminar teacher in each hall during their annual “You’ve Been Boo’d” event on Wednesday, Oct. 23.  Teachers received a bag with treats and instructions to “Boo” another class.

This year, six different teachers were chosen to be boo’d: social studies teacher Angie Dalbello, art teacher Erica Crist, english teacher Madeline Byrd, social studies teacher Ian Nichols, business teacher Nicole Porter and drama teacher Jon Copeland. Each Ambassador group participating was assigned a certain teacher and they gave them a spooky surprise. 

Ambassadors anonymously dropped off the spooky surprises, which were treat bags full of candy, outside the teacher’s doors. Club officer Rylee McElroy says this event was just like getting “boo’d” as a child around Halloween.

“Just like when you get boo’d when you’re a kid, we made little bags of candy and then put them on [the teachers] door with a little note that said ‘you’ve been boo’d’ on it and the instructions of what they should do after that. After we knocked, we ran away so it would be kind of a surprise [for the teachers] and then [after reading the instructions] the teachers will hopefully carry this onto the other seminars in their hallway,” McElroy said. 

According to Student Ambassadors club sponsor Elizabeth Molgren, the event is a way for the students to promote anti-bullying. 

This is a fun way to promote comradery, inclusion and promote the message of “Anti-Bullying” during the month of October,” Molgren said. 

Not only does this annual event promote anti-bullying, but sophomore Sydney Wootton thinks it’s a way to give back to teachers. 

“[You’ve Been Boo’d] gets students and teachers more connected and shows that students can do nice things for their teachers [like leaving them a treat basket] since our teachers do so much for us,” Wootton said. 

According to McElroy, the event name “You’ve been Boo’d” stemmed from good old Halloween spirit. 

“The idea of [You’ve Been Boo’d] came from the notion that we wanted to ‘scare away bullying’, so we thought of a clever way to incorporate the Halloween spirit into the event here,” McElroy said. 

Hopefully, the anti-bullying spirit will continue to grow as the teachers follow the instructions on their bags and take turns booing each other with treat baskets. Keep an eye out to see if your seminar gets boo’d!

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