Student Ambassadors help at parent-teacher conferences

Club members direct parents to students' classrooms


By Taylor Anderson

As a student ambassador, junior Abigail Kelm helps parents find classrooms for conferences on Thursday, Feb. 13.

Student Ambassadors were hard at work Thursday, Feb. 13 and Friday, Feb. 14 as they provided assistance at parent-teacher conferences. Members of the organization offered directions to parents and led them to students’ classrooms.

Counselor Polly Vader believed the students’ effort made a big impact.

“[Conferences] went really well,” Vader said. “I was in meetings so I didn’t get to check in a lot, but when I did, the ambassadors were there and at their post. The parents were very appreciative.”

Student Ambassadors help at conferences, as well as  Incoming Freshmen Orientation to give building tours. They are also matched up with new students throughout the year to make their transition to Mill Valley easier.

“This year we’ve helped new students adapt to a new school,” junior Abigail Kelm said.

Kelm volunteered her time at conferences to prevent parents from getting lost.

“I didn’t want the parents roaming the school aimlessly,” Kelm said.

According to Vader, the group is always looking for activities where their services could be put to good use.

“The rest of the year will fly by,” Vader said. “I am looking forward to hearing about more opportunities where we can get involved and hearing back from the ambassadors as well.”

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