StuCo trick-or-treats for a cause

StuCo representatives recently organized a fundraiser to collect canned food donations


By Photo by Kelly Gothard

Junior Mikaela McCabe and sophomore Kaitlyn Moore participate in the StuCo program, Trick Or Treat So Others Can Eat. They went around to different local neighborhoods and “trick or treated” for cans to donate to a local charity. “Just a simple can can help,” McCabe said.

To wrap up the Halloween holiday, StuCo organized a community fundraiser to provide food for families in need. The annual fundraiser, Trick or Treat  So Others Can Eat, took place on Monday, Nov. 4.

Junior class representative Caleb Latas explained that representatives went door to door throughout community neighborhoods asking for canned food that would be donated to local charities.

“It’s just a good way to get food donations and get the community involved,” Latas said. “It gives them the chance to donate food, so it’s not just another school thing.”

With this event, StuCo is able to bring the community together, while also making an effort to help those in need.

“It’s really easy and it’s also doing a good thing for other people. It’s something I love doing because people are so willing to help,” junior class representative Mikaela McCabe said. “It’s simple to give back. Just a simple can of food can help.”

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