StuCo Plans Winter Dance

StuCo Plans Winter Dance

By Margo Wieschhaus

During the StuCo meeting on Thursday, Jan. 17, junior Tori Kilkenny decorates posters for the Winter Dance spirit week, which will take place during the week of Monday, Jan. 28.

Margo Wieschhaus, JAG editor-in-chief

Detailed preparation for this year’s winter dance is taking place within StuCo. Discussion and input from members at weekly meetings are helping to finalize the plans. StuCo will be hosting the dance on Friday, Feb. 1 from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. after the varsity boys basketball game against Tongagoxie High School. Admission will be free to all students and attire for the night must be school appropriate.

This is the first year StuCo has hosted the dance, and is also the first time it is being advertised under the name “winter dance” as opposed to “WPA.” According to StuCo sponsor Erica Crist, planning began immediately after winter break.

Sophomore StuCo member Savannah Rudicel said the name change occured because the dance will be free to all students.

“Because the dance is after a game, we don’t expect girls to pay for dinner at a restaurant,” Rudicel said.

Rudicel has positive thoughts about the upcoming dance.

“The only downside to having [the dance] after the game is that there’s less time to prepare. StuCo has less time to decorate and people are somewhat rushed to get ready,” Rudicel said. “I don’t think it matters though; it will be a good dance either way.”


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