StuCo organizes spring blood drive

Students donated blood to the American Red Cross


By Photo by Adri Talavera

Following his blood donation, junior Austin Isern is sanitized and bandaged.

Students donated blood for the American Red Cross during the spring blood drive on Thursday, March 27. StuCo assisted in preparations for the blood drive by recruiting students to donate and setting up equipment for the event.

Student body secretary Savannah Rudicel worked with other StuCo members to plan for the drive.

“Our [main] job is to keep all the students organized,” Rudicel said. “We make sure they have permission forms and help get everyone signed in and out at the event.”

Donors give about a pint of blood to Red Cross, where it is given to patients and used for medical research. According to Red Cross, each donation can save up to three lives.

Sophomore Audrey Linsey was among those who donated.

“I decided I wanted to donate blood because I thought it would be cool if I could save a life,” Linsey said. “It was satisfying to know I could make an impact just by making the donation.”

Rudicel said she enjoys being able to organize the blood drives.

“It gives back to the community,” Rudicel said. “I think the blood drive is different from the other kinds of community service we do because instead of just helping our school, it gives back to the entire community and those in need in a more direct way.”

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