StuCo members share opinions on worth of Homecoming week decorations

Connor Oswald, Reporter

Winding, taping, painting and tearing through vast amounts of colored paper, StuCo members spent three to five hours decorating locker banks on Sunday, Sept. 9th.

Some of the decorations have already been torn down, which raises the question: is it worth it?

To some StuCo members, such as freshman class representative Hanna Ceule, the decorating experience was worth it because of its entertainment value.

“It’s a really fun time; and next year we will have a better idea of what to bring, [so we can] decorate it the best we can,” Ceule said.

Others, like sophomore class secretary Michaela Mense, said that without the decorations, Homecoming week would lose some of its thrill, the atmosphere that makes it stand out from the other school weeks.

 “It just makes the whole week exciting. You’re pumped up for Homecoming on Friday and then you get to walk in a carnival every passing period,” Mense said.

StuCo sponsor Erica Crist knows that to some students, the decorations will be seen as a waste of time, but she believes, that as long as a few students care, the decorating will always have merit. 

“Does everyone care? No, but for the ones that do, it’s worth it,” Crist said.

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