StuCo hosts third annual “Clubsgiving”

Clubs got to mingle during potluck dinner in the spirit of Thanksgiving Tuesday, Nov. 19

Allison Seck, JAG editor-in-chief

StuCo hosted its third annual “Clubsgiving” Tuesday, Nov. 19. All clubs and organizations were invited to the dinner, and it gave students a chance to meet people from other clubs. 

Clubsgiving is all about bringing the student body together and meeting new people, according to Clubsgiving committee head Bret Weber. 

“The spirit of Clubsgiving is about making sure that all students that participate in a club feel included and to make sure that they all have an opportunity to really share themselves with the rest of Mill Valley, because some clubs don’t get the platform to share what they’re all about to the rest of the school,” Weber said. 

According to Weber, Clubsgiving allows organizations to advertise their club. 

“It gives them a chance to express themselves in front of other students and show others what their club is all about,” Weber said. 

To help get the mingling started, a round of Quizlet Live, which is an interactive online trivia game,  sorted students into random tables that ended up being their seating arrangement for dinner. It was an interactive way of meeting new people. 

“We have a Quizlet Live this year. The reason we decided to do it is that it puts the students into separate groups so they are kind of forced to mix and mingle with other people,” Weber said. 

Weber says that the Quizlet Live allows students to go out of their comfort zone while learning more about Mill Valley and the holiday of Thanksgiving. 

“You are not only meeting new people and meeting new people from different clubs, but it is also a Mill Valley and Thanksgiving trivia game, so you also learn a bit. For those people who are a bit more [introverted], it challenges them to get out of their comfort zone and to really work as a team with other people,” Weber said. 

Clubsgiving is structured as a potluck, the invitees signing up to bring various holiday sides and StuCo providing the meat. Around 100 students were in attendance so there was plenty of food to go around. 

Clubsgiving is a great way to show off all the clubs at Mill Valley and meet new people. Hopefully, next year’s attendance will be just as impressive as this years.

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