StuCo hosts regional conference

Members of StuCo from schools across region visit Mill Valley for annual conference

Sarah Myers, JagWire editor-in-chief

StuCo hosted the regional StuCo conference on Tuesday, Sept. 23. The conference takes place annually, however this year’s was the first to be held at Mill Valley. Thirty-four schools attended with a total of about 500 students.

“Usually you’re more in the discussions when you’re at a different school [for the conference], but when you’re hosting it, you’re the leader of the group,” junior class vice president Chase Midyett said. “You’re kind of the director. When you’re at other schools, you’re playing the part.”

The conference was split into two main sessions. During the first, speaker Judson Laipply spoke to students about what being a young leader means. Laipply has been a professional comedic speaker for 15 years. He tours the country to talk to a variety of audiences, including young leaders. He is also the creator of the “Evolution of Dance,” a dance routine featured in the now viral video on YouTube, which he performed for the students on Tuesday.

“These individuals are excited. They’re young, so they have that kinetic energy that’s involved and they’re always attentive. That’s why these groups [of young adults] are so great. They [want] to learn something,” Laipply said. “[My main message for the speech today was that] one of the hardest things in life, no matter what age we are, is remembering how our choices affect our lives. It’s a message we need to hear over and over and over again.”

The second portion of the day allowed students to split into groups, each led by Mill Valley StuCo members, and share ideas over a variety of topics. These topics included a number of areas that StuCo helps organize and lead, such as school dances, spirit weeks, assemblies, staff appreciation, fundraisers and mentoring. Bonner Springs High School freshman class vice president Sydney Hunt, one of those who attended the conference, enjoyed this part of the day most.

“[The group session] was really fun,” Hunt said. “It was cool to get to meet new people and see what other student councils are doing for their schools.”

Midyett felt the day was a success and enjoyed meeting the other groups.

“My favorite part about the conference was probably getting to learn and communicate ideas with other schools. It definitely broadened my thoughts on school spirit and [gave me a lot of new ideas]. It was cool seeing how other schools’ student councils were formatted,” Midyett said. “[The conference] made me realize how StuCo is a huge part of high school. It’s an opportunity to really make a difference and make your school a better place.”

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