StuCo hosts Clubsgiving

StuCo hosted Clubsgiving Wednesday, Nov. 17 inviting clubs and organizations to collaborate over dinner

Molly Morgan, JAG reporter/photographer

StuCo hosted Clubsgiving Wednesday, Nov. 17 after taking a year off due to COVID-19. Every club and organization at Mill Valley was invited to attend the potluck dinner that included Mill Valley trivia, a pie eating contest and a raffle for items from the Catty Shack. 

According to student body Vice President and senior Bret Weber, Clubsgiving is a good way for clubs at Mill Valley to get recognition. 

There are so many amazing clubs here at Mill Valley who work so hard to create a fun and positive community. Each and every club puts so much time and effort into everything they do, and often don’t get the recognition they deserve,” Weber said. “Clubsgiving is a time to recognize all of the hard working students who make Mill Valley great, while enjoying amazing food and getting in the festive spirit.

Sophomore Audrey Holick attended the event for NEHS. She explained the different activities that took place.

“We played Kahoot and we did trivia over Mill Valley. Then, a lot of the clubs introduced themselves and talked about what their club was and what events they have coming up,” Holick said. “There was also a raffle and I won a shirt from the Catty Shack. I just put my name in for it and they gave me a ticket and I just happened to win.”

Lots of hard work and time went into planning an event like this, Weber explains some of the things StuCo did to prepare. 

When preparing for the event, we first had to get approval from the district office since we didn’t know what type of COVID-19 protocols we may need to follow. There were many people that worked to make Clubsgiving a success, from making a Kahoot, creating a PowerPoint, advertising the event and creating a signup link,” Weber said. “Overall, we started planning about three weeks in advance.” 

Overall, Holick thought that the event was very entertaining and fun.

“It was really fun because I got to see a lot of new people and the food was really good,” Holick said. “It was also just a good way to come to the school and to hang out with everybody.” 

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