StuCo hosts after-school blood drive

Forty units of blood were collected by StuCo in the semiannual blood drive on Wednesday, Oct. 24


By Sophia Armendariz

While watching the blood drive worker, senior Sydney Pullen donates blood.

Ben Wieland, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

StuCo collected 40 units of blood in their biannual blood drive on Wednesday, Oct. 24. The blood donated went to Community Blood Center, a Kansas City-based organization that serves blood to over 70 local hospitals.

Junior StuCo representative Tripp Starr, who assisted in organizing the blood drive, was impressed by the blood drive’s overall turnout.

“It was a success. I feel like it went really well,” Starr said.  “A lot of students came to support us and other people from the community came as well.”

In previous years, the blood drive had been conducted during the school day. However, due to organizational changes, at this year’s blood drive that was not the case. Donations were collected between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. in the auxiliary gym. Starr thought hosting the blood drive after school added difficulties to the planning process.

“Because [the blood drive] was after school, it was tough to promote it and get people to come,” Starr said. “In school, you get out of class, so it’s not hard to persuade students to leave class, but after school it’s more difficult.”

By Sophia Armendariz
After having his blood drawn, science teacher Chad Brown enjoys the complementary snacks.

For the first time, the blood drive was conducted with the Community Blood Center. In previous years, the blood drive had been organized via the Red Cross. Some Mill Valley students, such as junior Gabi Fitterer, decided to donate because of the

“A donation can save a life,” Fitterer said. “I feel good knowing I made a contribution that will help someone. And you never know what is to come, maybe one day I will need a blood transfusion. If I do, I will be very grateful to whoever decided to donate.”

Despite the timing, the blood drive’s collection nearly matched that of previous years. Starr believes that even though donating may inconvenience students, giving blood is still worth it.

“[Donating blood] is helping someone in need and you don’t even know who,” Starr said. “It could save a life.”

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