StuCo holds first Yuda Bands sale

The bracelets were sold from Wednesday, Nov. 29 to Wednesday, Dec. 13 to raise money for a student sponsored by the school


By Drake Brizendine

Being displayed in front of the Catty Shack, the Yuda bands shown appear in a variety of style and design on Monday, Dec. 11. All proceeds went to the fundraiser for the disaster, which took place between December 2-13.

Elizabeth Joseph, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

StuCo sponsored a fundraiser for Yuda Bands, an organization dedicated to promoting education for youth in developing countries, by holding a bracelet sale that lasted until Wednesday, Dec. 13.

By Drake Brizendine
A poster displaying information about the origins of the Yuda bands and what the cause entails on Monday, Dec. 11.

According to the organization’s website, Yuda Bands are sold to empower children to break through poverty by enabling a child to pursue education. StuCo raised $539 and sold 77 bracelets for the student the school sponsored.

Sophomore Avery Altman decided to lead the project after attending a StuCo conference this summer in which Yuda Bands were featured.

“[The fundraiser] really helps a lot of people, so I wanted our school to be a part of it,” Altman said.

The fundraiser has also had an impact on the students at the school. As a part of the Catty Shack, junior Sydney Clarkin was involved in the sale of the bracelets.

“The product itself [is unique],” Clarkin said. “A lot of organizations at Mill Valley sell merchandise or just raise money for different causes, but this is directly related to the kid we’re sponsoring because these are all handmade and the money is going to him.”

Although the fundraiser encountered obstacles, Altman ultimately felt positively about the end results.

“I think the turnout was good,” Altman said. “I’ve seen people wearing [the bracelets] who I didn’t know bought them. It’s really cool to see them around the school.”

StuCo sponsor Erica Crist ultimately hopes that the fundraiser lets students realize the impact education can make.

“I hope they can see how lucky they are to be here and to have a generally free education 一obviously, you have to pay fees, but overall you have a free education and everyone in the United States has a chance to go to school. That’s not the case in so many countries,” Crist said. “So, [I hope students] see that and are reminded to appreciate what they have here.”


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