Staff Editorial: Our school lunch program is top notch; let’s keep it that way

Supporting our lunch program is the best way to help it succeed


JagWire staff

Walking into our lunch room, the options available for food are countless. From the three hot meal choices to the Snack Shack and breakfast options, the choices are so abundant they’re almost overwhelming.

The money to afford these items comes from students’ own spending habits, where buying hot lunch in turn gives the school money to improve its program. In order to support our nutrition program and watch it grow, students must invest in it.

Since the introduction of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, implemented by Michelle Obama, schools face tougher standards for what qualifies as a healthy lunch. Although some of our older students miss the days of pre-Michelle Obama lunch plan, we have no choice but to fit to these national standards or receive little funding for basic lunches.

In reality, our lunches are awesome. Many schools do not offer expensive luxuries such as the Mexican bar or Jamba Juice, instead only offering basic lunch items. The fact that our items are both tasty and pass under the federal government’s intense review shows the dedication of our nutrition staff to make students happy.

Two years ago, we were even visited by Sen. Pat Roberts as recognition for the cohesive integration of national health standards within the building. We were praised for not only meeting federal guidelines during lunch, but for encouraging nutrition in the Catty Shack’s food.

Roberts visited the Catty Shack, went through the lunch line, ate our food in the Senior Cafe and deemed the meal “impressive.” If a Kansas representative can eat our lunch and be satisfied, we obviously have a touch with taste buds.

Even if you bring a sack lunch every day, at least say thank you to the people who dedicate their time into making the food, distributing it and cleaning up. The lunch staff as well as the custodial staff washes tables day in and day out just for you. The least you can do is thank them.

In short: we’re sorry. You’re not getting the old cookies or pizza back, but look around. Our school is blessed with healthy options that still taste great, but the only way to get more food like that is to keep buying it. Imagine the energy that goes into the football student section put into supporting our nutrition department. The results would be tasty.

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