Staff editorial: new year brings increased motivation for staff

JagWire staff

Every school year the JagWire gains new staff members and a new editorial board. With the changes comes a new level of motivation and goals for the year. This year we plan on not only meeting the standards that have been set by the previous years’ staffs, but exceeding expectations in our print edition and multimedia publications.

Our number one priority is to continue to write accurate stories to inform students, staff and parents of news that can directly affect them in some way. Our goal is never to publish an article for the sole purpose of threatening any person or group’s reputation or integrity. If our staff decides to publish a story, it is because we feel that story is newsworthy or informative.

Not every story we print will necessarily be the most hard-hitting journalism. Just like always we will continue to write stories that would be considered a little more fun, such as athlete profiles and local restaurant reviews.

Starting last year, we expanded onto the web at with intentions to uphold all established journalism principles. Despite the fact that our turnover rate is much quicker than the usual three weeks staffers are normally given to write a print story, we still plan on having the same level of professionalism. Having will allow us not only to update the school with news, but also have the fun reviews and profiles.

After the re-launch of the website this year, we have an incredibly quick and efficient way to distribute information. We plan on continuing our cycle of constant updates. Those who visit our site can expect new stories and photos daily, as well as a wider range of coverage. Not only will we be covering every single sports team, but we will also offer updates on the musical, reviews on local restaurants, and the most up-to-date information on events such as Homecoming.

In addition to our website, we have also launched a Twitter (@mvjagwire) and a Facebook page ( in hopes of being able to better connect with our readers. Everyone is encouraged to contact us with any questions or comments they have about anything we publish either in the print edition or on our website. This year staff email addresses are also being included in our bylines this year, so if you have any questions that are specifically directed to one story feel free to email that staff member.

Send us ideas for stories that you would want to read about in the paper, or that you just think the rest of the school needs to know about. The newspaper belongs to the entire student body. We’re here for you.

The journalism department has established a legacy of excellence and is one that is well respected. We hope that the addition of our website will only continue the high quality journalism that has been expected of our school and enhance our already strong printed paper.

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