Staff editorial: murals improve school

NAHS sets good examples for other activities

In hopes of creating a livelier school, members of the National Art Honor Society have begun to paint murals around the building.

They recently added one in the downstairs C-wing, which is creatively designed and represents the school well. The JagWire staff is nothing but thankful for the NAHS members who stepped up to create a better school atmosphere through their art.

One of the goals in creating the new murals was to provide timeless images rather than murals that only reflect one era at Mill Valley. The JagWire staff supports this idea;  students who attend the school in the future should always be able to enjoy the artwork rather than view it is a memorial to classes that have already graduated.

We believe it would be beneficial for older murals to be photographed and then either framed or archived before being removed; this would allow for the wall space to be recycled for newer, timeless murals without completely forgetting about the work of students in the past.

Through their contribution to improving the school, NAHS is also setting a good example for other activities. Active participation in improving Mill Valley is a way that every group can leave its mark on the school. In addition to building a better school environment, this could also lead to an increase in membership for these activities because potential club members would know for sure that there will always be something for them to do in these clubs.

In no way are we saying that other clubs do nothing. In addition to NAHS, activities such as NHS, StuCo, Student Leadership Team and other clubs have all served the school in some way and continue to make Mill Valley better whenever they can. This is the way that any student can do their part to improve their school at any time.

We hope that activities such as NAHS, NHS, StuCo, Student Leadership Team and other clubs continue trying to make the school better. The combination of different skill sets, club intentions and goals will go a long way to making Mill Valley a place that every student is capable of enjoying everyday.


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