Staff editorial: Mill Valley should continue to improve

Students and staff should work together to make Mill Valley even better

JagWire staff

Looking back at Mill Valley’s 15 years of existence, it is clear we have come a long way. If you look around the main hallway or the gym, you can see the various achievements of activities and athletics, but there are many other accomplishments and improvements of our school that go mostly unrecognized. While we celebrate Mill Valley’s 15th anniversary, we should also strive to continue to improve our school over the next 15 years.

What is perhaps the most noticeable change is the expansion of our school physically. The addition of space, including the C-wing classrooms and auxiliary gym, allows for more opportunities within the school, such as new classes. Adding new classes, especially AP courses, also greatly benefits students. The ongoing effort to add AP classes, such as the upcoming addition of AP European History, is a positive continuation for Mill Valley academics.

As well as adding classes, the Board of Education should consider continuing to improve the campus. For example, adding a bigger theater or auditorium, which would be more fitting for a school of our size. This would allow for more to attend events like concerts and drama performances. At choir concerts, overflow audience members would no longer have to watch a livestream in the choir room as opposed to watching live in the theater. The band would be able to have concerts in a place with much better acoustics than the gym, and the drama department wouldn’t have to worry about selling out despite the amount of shows they put on.

Athletic facilities could also be improved. Working to add turf and more seating to the football stadium would allow us to join and compete in a bigger league. Upkeep for the soccer main and practice fields could also be improved, and swim teams would benefit from having an aquatic center near campus.

Over the past 15 years, school spirit has only increased. The Class Cup competition further encourages students to show pride in their school. Improving facilities for athletics, extracurriculars and performing arts can also help increase school spirit. Ultimately, keeping up school spirit is dependent on students, so current and future students should continue the traditions of fun spirit weeks and supporting the many activities at Mill Valley. Part of creating a good atmosphere for school spirit is spreading the love to all activities, not just major sports. While athletics are a big source of spirit and support, students and administration alike should work to recognize the achievements of other groups. If we could inspire the same kind of excitement over a group like Debate competing at state as we do for football playoffs, then we would have a truly spirited environment. We’re all Jaguars, so let’s support and recognize each other regardless of the activity or sport.

In the past, the Board has experienced issues with keeping up-to-date with technology, but in recent years they have begun to realize that action needs to be taken to better technology for the benefit of everyone. The outdated laptops provided for students have held them back. The addition of the BYOD policy and new Mac and Dell computers for technology classes are a step in the right direction, but is not an all-encompassing plan. New computers need to be provided for everyone, not just students in technology classes.

In the last 15 years, the students and staff of Mill Valley have successfully improved the school in many different ways. As we observe our 15th anniversary, let’s use the past improvements of our school to inspire Jaguars to make the next 15 years even better.


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