Sports impacts everybody, not just players

You don’t have to play sports in order to be involved in them

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Sports impacts everybody, not just players

Mia Thomas, JAG editor-in-chief

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Throughout my long 18 year life span, I have played a whopping total of two sports: soccer and swim. That being said, my soccer career came to an end at the ripe old age of 10 years old, and I have only been a swimmer for three years. Even though I have not had a very long sports career, I can confidently say that sports, especially football, has made a lasting impact on my life, even if I have not played them.

I have grown up in a very sports-oriented home. My nights were filled with going to my brother’s cross country meets and baseball games, while Saturdays and Sundays were dedicated to watching college and NFL football.

My brothers and I were always signed up for various recreation sports such as soccer or baseball, and we all grew to appreciate the feeling of being a part of a team. This heightened for all of us in high school, but my love and appreciation for sports grew not on a field or on a track, but in a classroom.

My first year on yearbook staff, I was assigned to take football pictures. Even though I was horrified at the idea of being tackled by football players every Friday night in the fall while holding expensive camera equipment, I was extremely excited to take pictures for the team. It was that year when my love and appreciation for the sport grew exponentially. Not only did I find a love for that game, I also found people who were as crazy about it as I am. I have formed countless amounts of friendships and have found something in common with a lot of people. For that, I am grateful.

Had it not been for my upbringing surrounded by sports, I would not have been able to foster this appreciation for this game that I personally have not played. Although I am not a student athlete anymore, I appreciate the life lessons sports have provided me and for the friends I have made through our mutual love for the game.

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