Spirit week begins with changes in place

Josh Duden, news editor

Homecoming is well underway and with it, the spirit week. As usual, music has played, the halls are decorated, and the week ahead is planned to include a rally and a bonfire. Themed around Beatles music and the movie Across the Universe the spirit days commence.

Students have had mixed feelings in regards to the ‘60s music inspired spirit week. Sophomore Riley Boyle said that she has enjoyed the week so far.

“It’s fun,” Boyle said. “I like the music playing and I’m looking forward to mustache day.”

Though Boyle has enjoyed the week, junior Avery Laluk said it could be improved.

“I think it could have been better,” Laluk said. “The last [few] years we had more participation because the spirit days related to the kids beter.”

In addition to the changes to the spirit week, the parade will also be on Wednesday, Oct. 5 instead of the usual Friday. Senior Aundrea Vannier said she agrees with the parade changes.

“I think the parade is probably better after school,” Vannier said. “Now kids like my little siblings can go, so I think it will go well.”

Laluk said that he understands why the changes occurred.

“I’m not happy about the change,” Laluk said. “[But] I understand because the circumstances of last year.”

Below is a list of the remaining spirit days:

Wednesday: Class colors day

Thursday: Mustache day

Friday: School colors day (wear silver and blue.)

Expect updates in regards to the parade and spirit week, only on mvnews.org

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