Spanish NHS hosts induction ceremony to welcome new members

Cultural understanding and involvement are among the ideals spread to the new members of Spanish NHS

Aiden Burke, JagWire assistant editor

Spanish NHS opened the door for new inductees into the chapter Wednesday, Oct. 16. The ceremony introduced new members to Spanish NHS and was followed by a short reception.

Students are eligible to apply for Spanish NHS if they have taken or are taking a Spanish class equivalent to or above Spanish III. 

The aim of Spanish NHS is to help students get more involved in the Hispanic community, according to Spanish NHS co-sponsor Edith Paredes. 

“[The club] ensures that students don’t overlook communities that might not directly affect them,” Paredes said. “Spanish NHS works to get students involved in those communities to help out.”

Senior Joan Downey reinforces that Spanish NHS is key to many new opportunities by helping out in the community.

“Joining Spanish NHS is a great opportunity for community outreach,” Downey said. “A lot of clubs have service hour requirements, but for Spanish NHS at least half of the hours have to be Spanish-related, which introduces a lot of interesting new opportunities.”

The requirements for being a member of Spanish NHS aren’t incredibly steep, but the rewards are great. Downey emphasizes that the benefits of the club come along with many activities to get them involved.

“Spanish NHS is great for students who want to better understand Spanish culture,” Downey said. “We do that in a lot of ways, whether it’s to celebrate holidays, sharing food, making crafts, or through service hours.”

All members of Spanish NHS are encouraged to get involved in the Hispanic community. The induction ceremony preached this new idea to the new members.

“[The club] is key to getting students more involved in the Hispanic community, especially outside of Spanish class,” Paredes said. In Spanish NHS, students are encouraged to learn and participate in Spanish language and culture beyond just what is required of them in the classroom.”

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