Spanish National Honors Society hosts Krispy Kreme Donut fundraiser

The fundraiser took place the mornings of Tuesday, March 29 Wednesday, March 30 and proceeds were donated to Hear to Heart International

Libby Strathman, JAG photo editor

Mill Valley’s chapter of the Spanish National Honors Society sold donuts Tuesday, March 29 and Wednesday March 30, in order to raise money for Heart to Heart International.

According to SNHS president, senior Grace Emerson, the club chose to support this organization due to past partnerships and trust that the funds would help provide international support for countries in crisis.

“A main factor in our decision to support Heart to Heart International was that we had donated to them in the past and our money went towards hurricane relief in Puerto Rico,” Emerson said. “Additionally, Heart to Heart International helps with other disaster relief and supports access to healthcare worldwide. It’s a great organization that has been providing aid and relief for over thirty years. Right now, they are helping with the crisis in Ukraine. So, no matter where our money goes, we know it will be aiding in worldwide relief and improving healthcare access.”

SNHS volunteer coordinator, junior Sarah Johnston, helped organize the fundraiser in various ways and believed the club’s efforts were very successful.

“I helped with the fundraiser by coordinating volunteers for donut pick-up, deliveries to teachers, publicizing the fundraiser and collecting money with the other officers on the mornings of the fundraiser,” Johnston said. “We sold out of donuts very quickly which indicated to us that the donuts were very popular.”

Emerson notes that they specifically choose to order the donuts from Krispy Kreme due to their great customer service and are thankful for the company’s support.

“We knew we wanted to order from Krispy Kreme before planning the event,” Emerson said. “Krispy Kreme is a great food service to work with. It’s super easy to order from them. Also, after finding out we were donating to charity, Krispy Kreme donated three boxes to the cause.”

Johnston believes the success of the fundraiser is partly due to effective teamwork from SNHS members.

“Subtracting the money spent on the donuts, we raised about $350,” Johnston said. “Everyone cooperated very well together, which made our fundraiser a success.”

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