Spanish and French NHS induct new members into their societies

With the new year comes a wave of new students joining the Spanish and French NHS


By Tatum Elliott

During the French National Honors Society induction ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 4, junior Joan Downey lights the candle of the person next to her. “I love the sound of French. I love French culture. I love reading books in French.”

Sophia Armendariz, JagWire reporter/photographer

Induction ceremonies for the French NHS and Spanish NHS were held on Thursday, Oct. 4, bringing in members for the new year.

The night’s events started with the French NHS’ ceremony. While the ceremony didn’t start until 6 p.m., new and old club members alike had been rehearsing and setting up refreshments for themselves and guests far before then.

For Sophomore Abi Peters, being a part of the society was a chance to explore her long-held passion for French.

“One day it was just kind of like clicked, and I fell in love,” Peters said. “It was kind of irrational, but I love [the language].“

While French teacher Charisse Highlander respects the new honors society members for many reasons, their “love of French, and how they just stick with it,” excite her for the upcoming year.

By Sophia Armendariz and Tatum Elliott
Later that evening, Spanish NHS inducted new members into the society too in a ceremony held in the Little Theatre. While many are passionate about learning the language, inductee and sophomore Sofia Nicot has more of a personal connection to Spanish.

“When I was younger I was a little too stubborn to actually pursue the language,” Nicot said. “Once I got the opportunity in middle school to take it I really studied thoroughly, and when I got to high school even more. Now that we have the opportunity to join the honors society, I took it.”

Enthusiasm isn’t exclusive to inductees, either. Club sponsor and Spanish teacher Jan Good-Bollinger is excited about the capabilities of some of the new society members.

“When I look at them, and the fact that they decided to pursue [Spanish NHS], it made me think that they were ready to take the next step into being a leader in the language.” Good-Bollinger said.

Senior and Spanish NHS president Lauren Rothgeb celebrates the arrival of new members.

“The society is not exceedingly large, so new members are noticed and appreciated,” Rothgeb said, “It’s really fun to just do things as a big society with everyone involved.”

With a full year ahead of them, Good-Bollinger expresses her pride in this year’s Spanish NHS.

“[Spanish NHS] is a group of amazing people,” Good-Bollinger said. “to the point where a lot of times I find myself just standing in the room a little bit amazed at the people that are in there.”

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