Sophomore Stacia Torson plans to join her brother in the military

Sophomore Stacia Torson plans to join a canine unit within the military after graduation

Jessica Mitchell, JAG Reporter

Speaking over FaceTime, sophomore Stacia Torson said goodbye to her brother Andrew Torson as he left for Kentucky to serve in the National Guard nearly three years ago.

In the Torson family, serving in the military is a great privilege and Stacia is proud she is planning on entering once she graduates.

“Ever since I had heard about the military I’ve always wanted to join,” Stacia said. “When Andrew joined, it made me want to join more because he likes it and now I’m more confident.”

Since Andrew lives in Kentucky and is 12 years older than Stacia, the difficulties of connecting with him dramatically affect Stacia.

“I miss that I don’t get to see him that often,” Stacia said. “When in Kentucky, I can’t see him and I didn’t really get to know him when I was younger.”

Serving in the military is the greatest honor and it has proven to produce confidence.”

— Martin Torson

Going into the military takes time and is a dangerous journey. Stacia’s father Martin Torson admires the work ethic produced by veterans.

“First and foremost, they have been taught to serve others,” Martin said. “Serving in the military is the greatest honor and it has proven to produce confidence.”

In 2013, Andrew served overseas in Djibouti, Africa for almost a year. Martin said he will always support his children in their decisions regardless the risks.

“We encourage and support all our children,” Martin said. “Stacia’s choice to enter into the military is a vision she has had for years [and] we are excited for her future.”

Although the military has a variety of armed services and units, Stacia instantly knew the right one for her once she discovered a group that incorporated dogs.

“I’ve always really wanted to go [into the military], but I never really knew what I was going to be in until a few years ago when I heard about the canine unit,” Stacia said.

Stacia’s respect and admiration for servicemen and women, like her brother, has motivated her decision to make a life in the army.  With great pride, Martin admires his children’s selfless career choice.

“I am impressed that they have a desire to serve their country,” Martin said. “Stacia has a servant’s heart.  The military will assist in her achieving her dreams.”

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