Sophomore social studies class performs mock trial

Baylee Owen, reporter/photographer

Social studies teacher Jeff Wieland hit the gavel on his podium in order to get his Silver 3 class’ attention. As a way to teach his students about the trial of Fransisco Pizzaro Thursday, November 8, Wieland held a mock trial, in which he had his students act out a trial scene. The purpose of the trial was to get his students to indict or defend the actions of Pizzaro in Peru as a human rights violator.

Taking his stand behind the podium, sophomore Devon Thomas began his speech, addressing the class on why Pizzaro should be convicted as guilty.

“Pizzaro broke many human rights. He ruined the lives of many, only for the pleasure of his own,” Thomas said. “This, ladies and gentlemen, is why Pizzaro should be prosecuted.”

Taking the opposite viewpoint, sophomore Taylor Herron approached the podium.

“Pizzaro never violated any [human rights],” Herron said. “He was just a bystander. He should not be blamed.”

After Herron was done, the members of the class came to the conclusion, by popular vote, that Pizzaro was innocent.

“Pizarro is free to go,” Wieland said, “and will not be indicted.”

Sophomore McKenzie Owen said the mock trial was a good learning opportunity.

“It was really cool that we were able to do a mock trial,” Owen said. ” I learned a lot about Francisco and it was an interesting way to teach the topic.”

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