Sophomore shows passion for art through drawing

Sophomore Lacey Marr has found an outlet for self expression through her love of drawing


By Julia Fair

To help relieve stress, sophomore Lacey Marr looks to drawing. Whenever a tough test is coming up she gets out her sketchbook and draws.

Claire Franke and Jordin Harris

One of sophomore Lacey Marr’s favorite drawings she has done is of Rae Dizzle, the Youtuber who inspired Marr to get develop her passion for art.

Drawing is an activity looked at with amazement by many, and Marr is one of many talented artists at Mill Valley. Marr, a member of NAHS, is an avid art student, having taken Art Foundations, Ceramics, Sculpture, Drawing, Advanced Drawing and Painting in her two years in high school. However, she enjoys one type of art in particular: drawing.

By Julia Fair
One of Lacey’s favorite drawings she has done is of Youtuber Rae Dizzle who first got her interested in drawing.

Lacey started taking drawing seriously in middle school, after seeing the works of other artists online.

“I saw a bunch of artists and thought, ‘Wow, this is so cool,’” Lacey said. 

One artist in particular has inspired Lacey, popular art influencer Rae Dizzle. Rae’s YouTube channel, SuperRaeDizzle, has over 1.2 million subscribers.

“I saw her on YouTube, and I thought she was really talented,” Lacey said. “I wanted to be able to draw like her.”

Lacey’s favorite drawing of her own is a drawing of Rae, but she has done various other portraits. However, her artwork has done much more than just give her something to do.

Around the time she started to get into art, Lacey was going through a big change in her life. She had just moved to Kansas from California. Her mom, Rebecca Marr, believes that art helped Lacey adapt to her new surroundings.

By Julia Fair
Lacey has already taken three art classes in her first two years of high school, and when she graduates she plans on pursuing a career in design and art.

“It has given her confidence,” Rebecca said. “It has also provided an outlet for her, especially when we moved and she was getting used to a new environment.”

Lacey believes art has not only made her a happier person, but can be used to calm down and relax.

“It’s a good way to help me de-stress,” Lacey said. “If I have an important test coming up and I’ve already studied but I’m still stressed, sometimes I’ll just sit down and draw.”
As for a future in art, Lacey is already planning.

“I’ve been looking at Rhode Island School of Design, a college for art and design,” Lacey said.

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