Sophomore Mercy Pryhozen cultivates active, healthy lifestyle

Pryhozen stays active by doing yoga and rock climbing to contribute to her healthy lifestyle


By Libby Mullican

For sophomore Mercy Pryhozen, involvement in yoga and rock climbing has impacted her life for the better. “I’ve always been into yoga, but rock climbing was an interest that came out of the blue” Pryhozen said. “As a kid, I always loved climbing trees and being outside, so it was no surprise.”

Lauren Ocker, JAG editor-in-chief

Reaching for the rock above her, sophomore Mercy Pryhozen advances her way to the top of the rock climbing wall at Lifetime Fitness during her workout session.

Within the last year, Pryhozen has taken up yoga and rock climbing in her free time to contribute to her fit lifestyle.

“It is a good way to wind down after a long day. I do yoga because I find it really relaxing; it soothes you,” Pryhozen said. “Rock climbing challenging your skills and your mindset; you have to set goals while climbing. In rock climbing, you can actively use your brain to solve and figure out how you can reach the next step.”

Although she began participating in these activities recently, Pryhozen has had a health-conscious diet throughout her entire life.

“Usually I eat organic food because that is mostly what my mom buys. Every now and then we get an unhealthy snack, like Oreos maybe once or twice a year,” Pryhozen said. “My mom is very health conscious because I’m her only child so she buys all the best stuff to make sure I grow up healthy.”

According to sophomore friend Lauren Rothgeb, Mercy chooses to live an active lifestyle for more reasons than one.

“Unlike other kids our age, Mercy pays attention to the foods she puts in her body. She also genuinely enjoys various forms of physical activity,” Rothgeb said. “She doesn’t do these things because she feels like she has to, which isn’t always the case for some kids.”

Learning to push her own limits is something that Pryhozen has learned from both yoga and rock climbing.

“These activities have taught me to really challenge myself and always look for the fastest way to solve the problem,” Pryhozen said. “My lifestyle has made me very health conscious if i am eating or if I am sitting down on the weekend i want to get up and go do something.”

Rothgeb attributes Pryhozen’s positive attitude to her involvement in her own health.
“Living a healthy lifestyle leads to a better attitude and you can definitely see this in Mercy,” Rothgeb said. “Mercy is super sweet and friendly all the time.”

Engaging in unique sports and activities is what Pryhozen thinks sets her apart from other students her age.
“I know a lot of people do conventional sports like running or football but I try to do something more out there and different,” Pryhozen said. “It is really fun to get out and get active.”

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