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By Avery Sheltra

The library is sophomore Gigi Lin's favorite place to work and spend time."It is quiet and I can actually get work done there," Lin said.

Sophomore Gi-gi Lin spends free time in the library

Gi-gi Lin utilizes the library for a multitude of reasons

For many students, the only time spent in the library is during English class, but for sophomore Gi-gi Lin, spending time in the library has become an everyday occurrence.

Librarian Andy Shelly says Lin is one of the few students that he sees on a frequent basis

“She is in here a couple times a week at least, if not more,” Shelly said. “I think it is great that she enjoys being here so much.”

Lin spends most of her time in the library at the beginning of the day, silver four and seminar.

At the beginning of the day, Lin often checks out books.

“I have read literally everything,” Lin said. “If you hand me a book that I haven’t read, then I will read it right now.”

Lin’s passion for reading is not the only reason she is drawn to the library. She also enjoys spending time there because it is a place where she can talk to peers about what is going on in her life.

“Every time I go there during silver four, I have opportunities to talk to seniors about my problems and they will give me advice,” Lin said.

Lin can also get problems done on her homework assignments in the library. She says that the library is quiet enough that she, “can actually get work done there.”

The multi-purpose environment is one of the reasons Lin said she started going to the library and why she keeps coming back. According to Shelly, Lin does a multitude of things while there.

“She checks out books, uses the computer, works on assignments and socializes; she does a little bit of everything here,” Shelly said.

Lin has been going to the library for a long time, and plans on routinely going throughout her time in high school.

“I have been going to the library ever since freshman year,” Lin said, “I loved the library in middle school and my experiences there brought me to the library here where I continue to have good experiences.”

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