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By Madison Ferguson

Sophomore Andrew Thomas stays in physics teacher Chad Brown’s classroom after school to be with the Science Olympiad team. “It’s my favorite spot because it’s so lively in his room,” Thomas said. “[It’s lively because of] all of my friends are there.”

Sophomore Andrew Thomas cherishes time spent in physics teacher Chad Brown’s room

Thomas spends time in Brown's room before and after school, specifically for Science Olympiad

Physics teacher Chad Brown’s classroom is often bustling with activity before, during and after school.  Many Science Olympiad members are in his room almost every day.  Sophomore Andrew Thomas goes to Brown’s room a lot and has developed sentimental value for the room.

Thomas considers Brown’s classroom his favorite spot at Mill Valley because of all the time he spends there with his friends and Science Olympiad teammates.

“I’m not in there too often, but when I am it’s great,” Thomas said.  “I like Chad Brown’s room because all of my Science Olympiad friends hang out there and we can practice together.”

Likewise, sophomore Elizabeth Joseph has spent a lot of time in Brown’s room and enjoys going there before and after school.

“I have a lot of good memories in there,” Joseph said, “before school and during Science Olympiad.”

Brown’s room has helped Thomas through high school thus far, and he often looks forward to Science Olympiad practice, hanging out and eating pizza, all of which take place in Brown’s room.

“Every time I go into Chad brown’s room, it instantly makes my day,” Thomas said.

The effect that Brown’s room has on Thomas and Joseph is very positive and they are in his room almost every day.

Thomas and Joseph are in Brown’s room almost every day and the effect that it has on them is very positive.

“It’s a good way to start off the day,” Joseph said, “especially with all of my friends being welcoming and funny.”

Both Thomas and Joseph notice a change in behavior when their peers are in Brown’s room as opposed to other places.

“Everyone is much more energetic and lively when they are in Brown’s room,” Thomas said.

Joseph has noticed a spike in Thomas’s energy level when he is in Brown’s room.

“It’s kind of strange actually,” Joseph said, “it’s like his inhibitions are just gone and he’s bouncing all over the place.”

Thomas and Joseph agree that Brown’s room is very important and Mill Valley would not be the same without it.

“It’s my favorite spot at Mill Valley,” Thomas said.  “It’s always so full of life in Chad Brown’s room.”

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