Softball wins 11-2 against Blue Valley

The girls played their first game of the season at home Thursday, March 23

Abby Warren and Stella Platt

Girls softball won 11-2 at home Thursday, March 23 against Blue Valley. Senior Haley Bryant went 3-3 with three RBI’s, two runs, one BB and was the catalyst for the offense in the leadoff spot. 

Sophomore Madison Lehr went 2-3 at the plate with three B, two RBI’s and one Run. Junior Brooklyn Lafon was in the circle with two ER on nine hits with three K’s in five innings while sophomore Ashlyn Blazer closed the game with two shutout innings and one K. 

Bryant expresses her feelings about her performance during the game.

“I thought that I did well at the plate,” Bryant said. “I think that I can definitely improve on some aspects of my game, but it will come when the season gets rolling.”

Lehr describes how the team played together during the game. 

“The team played fantastic,” Lehr said. “We played together as a unit and picked each other up.”

Bryant shares her hopes for the rest of the season.

“If we keep playing how we did this first game, we have the ability to win a lot of games,” Bryant said. “If we continue communicating and playing as a team we should have a pretty good season.”

Overall, Lehr explains how the team plans to meet their goals for the season. 

“I am super excited to start the season and see how we progress as a team,” Lehr said. “I think we are all playing together super well. If we continue this work we will have a good chance at meeting our team goal of winning regionals.”

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