Softball defeats Blue Valley Northwest

The girls won their makeup game 10-6 on Saturday, May 6

Michael Sandri, JagWire reporter

Softball defeated Blue Valley Northwest 10-6 on Saturday, May 6.

Even though the Jags won by four points, the score fluctuated quite a bit during the game. Freshman Jessica Garcia said she “felt like Wade Davis” after pitching the last inning and sealing the team’s victory.

“There were some parts where we were up and there were some parts where we were down, but we were mostly up and I think that’s why we won,” Garcia said.

Sophomore Haley Puccio said that the fluctuating score made the game more fun.

“It was really fun because we went back and forth, and it was just fun because both teams hit the ball,” Puccio said.

There were multiple components that pulled the Jaguars ahead and ensured their ultimate victory. One of them was a triple hit by Puccio.

“It felt good hitting the ball,” Puccio said. “It was cool moving the runners in.”

Even though Puccio’s hit turned the tide of the game for good, all of the Jaguars did a good job hitting.

“I would say as a team we hit very consistently and were very aggressive at the plate,” said junior Peyton Moeder.

Other than hitting really well, Moeder says that Jags consistent defense was another thing that helped them win the game.

“We had great defense that stayed constant throughout the game,” said Moeder. “I think that helped us win the game just as much as hitting.”

Garcia admires the way that her teammates supported each other throughout the game just as much as their hitting and defense.

“We played as one whole team, everyone was talking and everyone was up,” said Garcia.

Softball will next play on Wednesday, May 10 at Blue Valley North.

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