SLT hosts freshman meeting


By Kat Anglemyer

Speaking in front of the freshmen class during seminar on Friday, Sept. 11, senior Cooper Hutteger explains Class Cup.

Lindsay VanLerberg, JAG photographer

SLT met with freshmen in seminar to show them what Mill Valley is all about and how they can get involved in, and outside, of school.

Lead by senior Cooper Hutteger, the meeting introduced the freshmen to school traditions, including the Class Cup competition and Homecoming week. Hutteger also emphasized the importance of school spirit and involvement with the help of senior Clayton Holmberg.

“If you think not dressing up [for Homecoming week] is cool, you’re wrong. The people who dress up are the cool ones” said Holmberg.

After introducing the school’s mascot, JJ the Jaguar, and student body president senior Chase Midyett, SLT members explained the events freshmen can get involved in and how to participate.

Hutteger and other SLT members think the freshman class seems promising, and so do they, freshman Caroline Rutledge said “Our class is filled with energy and I think we’re ready to take on the rest of the school.”


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