Silver Stars set program records at the NDA Dance National Championship

The team placed fourth in Pom, sixth in Game Day and ninth in Jazz with unprecedented scores and a showmanship award


By Submitted by Katie Jackson

The Silver Stars placed in Jazz, Game Day and Pom at the NDA Dance National Championship after competing Friday, March 6 through Sunday, March 8. The team earned the highest score in program history for their Pom performance with an event score of 94.226.

Anna Owsley, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief

The Silver Stars dance team had a strong performance at the NDA Dance National Championship, placing in fourth in Pom, sixth in Game Day and ninth in Jazz with record-breaking scores. The team traveled to Orlando, Florida for the championship and competed Friday, March 6 through Sunday, March 8.

The Silver Stars placed fourth in Pom with a score of 94.226, the highest Pom score in the program’s history. This performance was the highlight of the competition for junior Emily Gipson. 

“My favorite part of the trip was after we competed in Pom finals,” Gipson said. “I couldn’t stop smiling because I knew that we did Pom the best we’ve ever done it.”

Similarly, senior Sammie Pennington felt very confident about the team’s performance in Pom and noted that she could “feel the energy and strength radiating” from the team throughout the dance.

Junior Lauren Jarvis noticed that their Pom dance stood out from past years’ dances because it “was more of an aggressive, powerful type of Pom.” She especially enjoyed the dance because it was less cheesy than previous Pom choreography. 

Additionally, the team branched out and competed in the Game Day category for the first time, which they placed sixth in with a score of 91.65. The team finished ninth in Jazz along with earning a showmanship award for their performance.

Pennington is happy with how the team was able to be competitive despite transitioning into the Medium Varsity Division. 

“I feel really good about our performances at nationals,” Pennington said. “We were in a new division this year with more teams in it, and I think we really held our own against some really tough competition.”

Pennington was happy to end her Silver Star career with a positive experience.

“I am really happy with my performances at nationals this year because I feel like I gave them everything I had,” Pennington said. “It was my last time competing as a Silver Star, and I think I ended on a high note.”

The Silver Stars’ final performance will be their annual spring show, taking place Saturday, April 11, where they will perform all their dances from the year.

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