Silver Stars perfect dance technique

Lauren Shurley, sports section editor

Facing the team, head coach Daley Reed watched as the Silver Stars practiced a new pom routine in preparation for the upcoming football game on Friday, Oct. 21. Pointing out flaws, Reed continued to stress accuracy in technique.

Some girls’ ponytails came loose and stray hairs fell into their flushed faces as they endured the rigor of practice.

“[Our coaches] push us a lot harder [than we’re used to] and it makes us a better team,” senior captain Amanda Morgan said.

New to the team, Reed, along with assistant Lauren Sell, brought their previous experience in dance to help the team.

“It’s been a smooth transition,” Reed said. “[But I’m challenged] with knowing traditions of the team and keeping those traditions alive.”

Along with new coaches came new rules and expectations. To prepare for performances, girls put in over six hours of practice a week.

“Our practices are pretty hard, since we have to prepare for the Friday game in the beginning of the week,” Reed said.

Officers spent a large part of practices cleaning up inaccuracies in the technique of routines.

“Our technique is very good as a team, but our weakness is getting it all to look uniform,” lieutenant junior Cody Moore said.

Alongside coaches, officers also stepped in at practice to discipline team members and to keep them on track when they became distracted. The girls accepted criticism from their peers with difficulty.

“People disagree with some things we say and do… and it’s hard to adjust to new rules,” Morgan said. “But it’ll make us better as a team… and we have to do it so we look good.”

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