Silver Stars hold annual Spring Extravaganza

By Bailey Crosbie

Katherine White, JagWire Briefs Editor

The Silver Stars dance team held its annual Spring Extravaganza, which showcases the dances the team learned over the year, on Saturday, March 30.

The dances performed included solo dances, ensemble dances, and team routines. In addition to the Silver Stars, the Silver Studs and the jazz band also performed at the show. To allow the dancers time to change costumes between each dance routine, a video featuring interviews with each dancer was shown.

Senior Anna Hughes said that the performances were successful.

“I think it went well,” Hughes said. “Being a senior, it was really special this year. We all worked together to make it the best that we can. Overall, I think that it was a good show.”

Hughes especially enjoyed performing the senior dance, “The House That Built Me.”

“My favorite part was the senior dance. It was emotional for all of us because we’re sad to leave, but it was definitely my favorite,” Hughes said.

Sophomore Cody Deas attended the event and said that it was well-planned.

“I enjoyed it a lot,” Deas said. “I like how they brought back all of the dances that they did throughout the year. I also thought that the interview set-up between dances was a good way to keep the show going.”

The show’s lineup went as follows:

“You Make Me Wanna” by the Silver Stars

“Here Comes the Sun” by sophomore Allison Eigsti

“Without a Fight” by the Silver Star Officers

“Youth” by sophomore sophomore Macie Rouse

“Birdland” by the jazz band

“It Doesn’t Hurt” by the Silver Stars

“Runaway Baby” by senior Caroline Kain

“I Won’t Give Up” by senior Cody Moore

“Shake” by the Silver Stars

“Light Show” by the Silver Stars

“Bust A Move” by the Silver Stars and the Silver Studs

“Can’t Touch It” by sophomore Morgan McLeroy

“Wounds to Scars” by junior Brittany Rouse and sophomore Macie Rouse

“Miss Kiss” by senior Kylie Andres

“Welcome to Burlesque” by the Silver Stars sophomores

“Stay” by junior Brittany Rouse

“Get Your Hands Up” by the Silver Stars

“The House That Built Me” by the Silver Stars seniors

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