Silver Stars Dance Team raise money through Sonic

Courtney Bohnert, JAG reporter

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The Silver Stars Dance Team raised approximately $400 at its Sonic fundraiser on Saturday, Oct. 6. The money that they made came from customers tips which helped pay for new costumes and competition entry fees.

“The fundraiser is fun,” freshman Abbie Hughes said. “At first it’s really hard but once you get going it’s a lot more fun.”

Around lunch time the dancers were much busier. They had to quickly make change and take other orders. Once the lunch rush was over, the dancers were much less stressed and not as busy.

“When it gets busy, it’s very stressful and a lot more difficult.” Hughes said.

Sophomore Isabelle Acree said that this fundraiser was the teams favorite for multiple reasons.

“It is the most fun out of all of our other fundraisers,” Acree said. “We make a lot of money really fast and easily.”


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