Silver Stars compete in the Kansas Spectacular

By Taylor Young

The Silver Stars dance perform their routines at the Kansas Spectacular on Saturday, Jan 22.

Danielle Jenkins and Josie Hanson

Regan Jones, reporter

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The Silver Stars dance team competed in the Kansas Spectacular on Friday, Jan. 21 – Saturday, Jan. 22 at Olathe East High School.

The team had three solo dancers, freshman Macie Rouse, juniors Hattie Doolittle and Cody Moore, who all received the highest rating. The duet that received the highest rating were sophomore Brittany Rouse and freshman Macie Rouse. The teams’ contemporary ensemble, performed by senior Paige Hillebert, juniors Jillian Mullin and Hailee Windsor, freshmen Isabelle Acree, Allison Eigsti and Morgan McLeroy, received the highest rating as well.

The teams’ officers, senior Amanda Morgan, Mullin, Moore and Windsor, received the highest rating for their Officer Routine.

The overall Silver Stars dance team won the Gussie Nell Award, Sweepstakes Award, High Score for Team Jazz, High Score for Team Novelty, High Score for Team Hip-Hop, Best Overall Presentation, Best Overall Choreography and Team Winner’s Circle.

Coach Daley Reed was pleased with how the team and improved.

“Overall we did very well. I was proud of how the girls performed. They worked very hard this past week to perfect our routines,” Reed said. “We did well last weekend but knew we still needed to work on some things to take it to the next level. I believe they were successful in accomplishing our goals.”

Acree thinks that they did great.

“We did really well at our competition,” Acree said. “We got number one ratings in all of our dances and all of our team dances placed.”

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