Sideline Report: Stephen Curry gives me hope for the NBA

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I don’t follow the National Basketball Association that closely. I pride myself in being a fan of the Boston Celtics, but I don’t always find myself to be a fan of the NBA. The game has many flaws, such as players flopping and the referees having no sense of what a traveling violation is. It also doesn’t feel as exciting as, say, college basketball or the NFL. The 82-game season just feels too dragged out.

I still follow the league to a certain extent, and this last season has been pretty crazy. Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant was hurt most of the season, LeBron James made his triumphant return to his hometown team Cleveland Cavaliers, and even the lowly Atlanta Hawks went on a 19-game win streak. But specifically one team caught my eye over the course of the season. A team that won 67 games, a first-year head coach, and a point guard that makes mind-boggling shots and passes: the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors became the 13th team in NBA history to win 65 or more games in a season, toppling their opponents and dominating at home with a 39-2 record. Head coach Steve Kerr came into this year to a team with high expectations and stocked with talent. The Warriors have all kinds of talent; from three-point marksman guard Klay Thompson to forward Draymond Green, a defensive player of the year finalist. Other key players like guard Harrison Barnes, forward Andre Iguodala, and center Andrew Bogut make big plays, but above all lies the floor general. Guard Stephen Curry makes all of the aforementioned players better and makes dazzling plays all over the court.

Curry truly is a magician. His ball-handling, shooting, defense, and passing all help him to rise above the rest of the league. All of these aspects helped him to average 23.8 points and 7.7 assists per game. He was also awarded the NBA MVP award on Monday, May 4. Curry seems to always be on the highlight reel, and gives me a reason to actually follow the NBA. The league has been known to be chalk-full of players that are lackadaisical and only care about scoring. But Curry is different in that he plays on both sides on the ball, he’s a true leader and makes his teammates better ballplayers. His tenacity and toughness have helped the Warriors reach their full potential and even five straight playoff games.

The NBA isn’t for everyone though. There are the stereotypical embarrassing displays of defense (I’m looking at you James Harden) and the ridiculous no-calls by referees. But players like Curry help you look past that, at least to an extent. Curry puts on a show for fans, making unbelievable shots and passes to help his team dominate. He’s also so good at three-point shots he once made 77 in a row at a practice. He puts in the hard work and dedication and it has definitely paid off this year for a team that had failed to live up to the hype in past seasons.

What Stephen Curry has been able to accomplish this season is remarkable and awe-inspiring. He is the definition of a human-highlight reel, and continues to amaze fans of all teams. No matter how this season ends for the Warriors, Curry should be proud of not only what his team has accomplished with their 67 wins, but his amazing season personally. He’s kept fans glued to the television, watching each and every dazzling play he makes. He has single-highhandedly given me hope for this league that has fallen out of grace, and I can’t thank him enough.

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