Sideline Report: An open letter to Andy Reid


Braden Shaw, JagWire editor-in-chief

Dear Mr. Reid,

First off, I’d like to say I was so happy when I read and heard that you had become the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs prior to the 2013 NFL season. We needed a coach change and this move gave fans like me hope that you could bring your experience from Philadelphia to change the culture here. You had a new quarterback in Alex Smith, a new general manager in John Dorsey and a fresh start with a young, talented team.

You have actually had moderate success so far in your short time here. We’ve made the playoffs once with you as head coach in 2013, but let’s just forget about the fact that we gave up a four touchdown lead to the Colts. The defense has performed well during your tenure, led by linebacker Justin Houston who’s coming off a career year with 22 sacks. The secondary is a little shaky — I’m looking at you Marcus Cooper — but every team has its weak spots right?

The offense has also been a little shaky since you’ve been here. Granted, we weren’t exactly an offensive powerhouse before you came. I also wasn’t expecting Alex Smith to contend for an MVP award. The Chiefs needed a serviceable quarterback that could just get the ball to running backs Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis. That worked for awhile, but you were always a pass first kind of guy. Running the ball is overrated anyways.

You tried out your typical passing offense at first, especially since we have a great tight end in Travis Kelce. But I guess you forgot about the wide receivers last year since the Chiefs went the entire season without a touchdown pass to any of them. It didn’t make much sense to me, but, hey, that’s why they pay you the big bucks.

Another thing is that when we have the ball you seem to forget how to handle the situation. You handle the clock quite strangely and don’t use your timeouts very effectively. Maybe I just don’t understand coaching, but I don’t realize why you would call repeated running plays if you are trying to move the ball down the field quickly. Time and time again, you amaze with your inability to manage the game clock when we need a score late in the game.

My whole point with this letter is that you have had an inconsistent time as head coach of the Chiefs. Your playcalling has rivaled unwatchable at times, but I think it is an easy problem to fix. You are overthinking this whole situation. You have excellent running backs in Charles and Davis and deep threats down the field in wide receiver Jeremy Maclin and Kelce. You have a knack for efficient offenses: just know the identity of your team and go from there.

We’ve had a rough go to start this season, finishing week three with a record of 1-2. We have one of the toughest schedules in football, but this is also one of the most talented Chiefs teams since Trent Green was under center. The 2015 Chiefs have amazing potential, you and your staff just have to find it. I have faith that you can turn this ship around and lead this team to success in the playoffs.


Braden Shaw

P.S. Tell Alex Smith that he doesn’t have to turn into a fourth grade quarterback if he’s getting a little pressure in the backfield. Take a shot downfield every once in awhile, would you?

Junior Braden Shaw is a passionate sports fan who follows sports at both the college and professional level. He loves to defend his unpopular opinions on the University of Nebraska, Sporting KC, Chiefs and Royals and is always up for a debate over any game or team.

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