Seven questions with WPA king Joey Perkins

Jack Lopez, JagWire opinion editor

What was your reaction like when you found out you won WPA king?

I started shaking and I got really nervous. I was happy but I was mostly nervous.

What is your favorite thing about Mill Valley?

I feel like there are less cliques here than at other schools and I can really just be friends with anyone.

How do you want to be remembered by your classmates?

I want to be remembered as a nice person and someone who was able to resist peer pressure in high school.

How did you feel about walking with Caroline?

Caroline was really nice. I’m glad I got her  because she helped calm me down because I was nervous the entire time.

How did you feel about having to go to WPA? How do you think the dance went in general?

I wasn’t there for very long. I’m not much of a school dance person so I went home. I wasn’t feeling very good anyway.

Why do you think you were picked?

I think I was picked because I’m in band and they pretty much control the voting.

What was it like being on the Silver Studs?

That was very fun and I’m proud of my fellow dancers for pulling it together in two practices.

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