Seven questions with freshman Caitlin Alley

Seven questions with freshman Caitlin Alley

Annie Crouch, JagWire reporter

What exactly is Mission Arlington? Who is involved? What is the “mission?”

It is an organization in Arlington, TX that reaches out to different communities down there. They have different programs during Christmas and Thanksgiving. And like all year round they give out things like clothes, toys and food that have been donated to the Mission. They teach the community about God and how much He loves them and what He’s done for them. They have people from the Mission who live in the apartment complexes who start churches.

How did Arlington impact you?

Last year when I went it completely changed me. I have been a Christian since I was eight but I really came to terms with what I believed at Arlington last year. I learned that being a Christian wasn’t just saying that I loved Jesus, going to church and praying; it is going and loving on other people and sharing God’s love with them.

How did Mission Arlington differ from the other trips you went on previously? What caused you to go back?

Like I said, Arlington really changed me like other trips hadn’t. I went back because I knew missions were for me. God had sent me to Arlington for a reason. I loved meeting and getting to know the kids.

How long did you stay in Arlington, TX?

For the past two years I stayed in Arlington over the week of spring break.

What was a normal day like when you were doing in Arlington?

All week we did a program for the kids in Park Lane apartment complex called Rainbow Express. At Rainbow Express we taught the kids about God and specific stories in the Bible. I taught the class of kids two years old and under with a friend. There were groups from 1-14 years old. After Rainbow Express we would cook dinner for the apartment complex and we would hang out with them.

In the future, where do you see yourself in missions? Do you think you will still be an active missionary?

I definitely plan on going into mission work when I’m older. I love the atmosphere and the feeling of helping people while sharing the gospel with them. I have a hard time coming back and not having people to constantly share with. I believe God has called me to work in missions.

How do you feel about helping out people?

I love helping people especially the ones that are down there and are so grateful.

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