Seven questions with freshman musician Shelby Badger

Erika Kringen, JagWire briefs editor

 What drove you into the music department?

I started playing piano when I was young and also I had a lot of influence from my siblings who joined band before me. They played French horn, trumpet and alto sax.

What are your practices schedules like?

Every day, at least weekly.

What are some of the advantages of playing many instruments?

I can join different bands and groups and, it also helps me learn more since I’m reading music all the time. This is because it statistically proven that you will be able to pay attention better in school, if you can read music.

What are the disadvantages of playing so many instruments?

Practice takes up a lot of my time and performances can last a long time.

How do you feel music has changed your life?

It opened up a lot of doors like band, and I met a lot of my friends through music.

What are the reasons why you like one single instrument the most?

My favorite instrument would have to be piano because I have been playing it the most, and classical music is my favorite.

Do you see yourself working in the music business in the future?

Yes, I would probably work in music education, like a band teacher. I would do this so I could inspire other kids through music.

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