Seven questions with freshman Jordan Matlock

Savannah Rudicel, guest reporter

Freshman Jordan Matlock’s family recently adopted two children from Ethiopia.

How long was the adoption process?

My parents have been talking about it for years. My brother and dad went on a mission trip to South Africa and within three days of returning, my parents knew that we should adopt from Africa.

 What was the most difficult part of adopting?

 The language barrier and waiting.

 How are your brother and sister adjusting to life in Kansas?

 Very good. They enjoy playing outside.

 What are Nen and Achole’s personalities like?

Achole’s crazy. She’s a little spitfire. Nen, he likes to ride his bike a lot and watch movies. He’s more quiet and reserved but he has a crazy side.

 What is your favorite activity to do as a family?

 Play outside, ride our bikes, sidewalk chalk and run around.

 What has been the biggest change?

We have to be quiet when it’s bedtime or naptime and now we can’t just sit and watch TV, we play and run around.

 How does it feel to be a big sister?


Read more about the adoption here.

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