Seniors win powderpuff game for the second year in a row

After the game was rescheduled due to rain, seniors pull out a win

Samantha Volkamer, JAG copy editor and organizations editor

For the first time in school history, the senior girls won powderpuff for the second year in a row on Monday, Nov. 5. Originally scheduled during homecoming week, the game was postponed due to rain.

At the start of the second half, the seniors were up 21-7. Hoping to come back, the juniors scored a touchdown during the last minute of the game, but the seniors held their defense and won with a final score of 21-14.

Claire Kaifes took advantage of the exciting moment during her last powderpuff game.

“It feels really good, ending our year strong,” Kaifes said. “We’re seniors, we know we’re never going to have this experience again.”

The experience of winning for the second year in a row made senior Megan Sitzmann and the other seniors feel happy with their successes.

“It feels great [to win back to back], just like the real football team did,” Sitzmann said. “We thought it would be harder this year and we were a little worried for a second, but it turned out fine.”

According to Kaifes, the seniors weren’t as prepared for the rescheduled game as they were for the original date due to a break in practices.

“We came in, when it was scheduled, first really confident,” Kaifes said. “We had three or four practices before [the original date] and before this game we hadn’t had any. We came in just kind of winging it and I guess that was our strategy, just fake it until you make it.”

Sitzmann and the other seniors had originally ordered tank tops because they thought the game was going to be during homecoming week, but they had to play in the cold.

“It probably would have been nicer to play in the warm weather, but I thought it was fine playing in sweatshirts [under their tank tops],” Sitzmann said.

The energy and teamwork, is what Kaifes believes, helped the seniors pull out a win.

“A big part of it was on our coaches,” Kaifes said. “They did really well giving plays that would work and we just had a great group of girls. We’re all athletic, we all know exactly what we’re doing [and] we really don’t have that much drama with us, so I think that helps coming in because we’re all friends. We all like each other. It’s just a great dynamic to have to come out here and have fun.”


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