Senior leaves tennis after involvement for six years

Senior Sankie Smith will miss a lot about tennis, especially playing at Mill Valley


By Photo by Miranda Miller

Senior Sankie Smith has been playing tennis since seventh grade and will miss the sport in college.

Tennis player senior Sankie Smith began playing tennis when he was in seventh grade. Freshman year he made junior varsity and played JV until his junior year when he began playing both JV and varsity. This year, Smith has played all varsity.

“I have liked tennis since middle school when I did small tournaments through JCCC,” Smith said. “The coaches are really cool and practicing with the dudes is always fun.”

Smith’s record this summer is 12-2 in singles and 2-2 in doubles. According to Smith, his biggest accomplishments this year would be placing second at the invitational at Bonner Springs High School. Another was when he placed fifth at the Topeka/Washburn meet in a bracket of 16 people.

As a whole, his biggest competitors are Kansas City Christian and Olathe North West.

“KC Christian is private,” Smith said. “ Even though they are 3A, they have a lot of really good players. Olathe North West is a 6A school and has really good singles and doubles teams.”

Smith enjoys the tournaments the most.

“The most fun parts of tennis are the all-day tournaments.” Smith said. “I like them because you get a lot of playing time and medals on occasion.”

In the fall, Smith plans on attending the University of Kansas. In regards to tennis, he did receive two offers: one to play at Kansas Westland University and another at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Smith said he will miss tennis when he leaves for KU.

“I will miss the friendships the most,”  Smith said. “Also, all of the fun during the season and practices.”

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