By Maggie Wieland

In front of the crowd of the inductees and their families, NEHS president senior Helen Springer gives a speech to welcome the new members during their induction Thursday, Jan. 26.

Senior Helen Springer manifests leading by example as NEHS president

Springer is an involved and dependable leader who demonstrates the importance of good leadership

A good leader is someone who is responsible, driven and dedicated. National English Honor Society president senior Helen Springer exemplifies all of these qualities and more. 

NEHS is an honor society exclusively for students that are high achieving in the English department. The club has monthly meetings where attendees plan events to raise money and promote interest in the subject of English. 

Senior Libby Strathman is NEHS senior vice president and works closely with Springer. She gives her take on Springer’s leadership qualities. 

“Helen is a great leader,” Strathman said. “She is very organized and great at communication which is really important for a club president.” 

Springer first became involved with NEHS her junior year when she applied and was accepted into the organization. Since then, she has worked to climb the ranks to get where she is now as the organization’s president. 

“To become president, I had to write to [English teacher Page] Anderson, who is our sponsor, on why I thought I would make a good president and why I wanted to be [the president],” Springer said. “The paper ended up being a page long but it was definitely worth the time it took to write it.” 

Springer explains her duties as the NEHS president. 

“The main thing I do as the president is lead the monthly meetings,” Springer said. “As the president, I am expected to know everything regarding the details about upcoming events and how various events will be handled.” 

Springer loves the positive opportunities to give back to the community that she has gained through NEHS. 

“My favorite part about being involved with NEHS is being able to get involved with various events,” Springer said. “I loved getting involved with the community and seeing the impact we could make on people when we did events like the Trick or Treating and Hallway Decorations.” 

NEHS member senior Maya Parks explains what being a good leader means to her and how she thinks Springer fits into that category as NEHS president.

“I think Helen is an amazing president and is amazing at her role,” Parks said. “She is good at being a leader and creates new ideas for us to incorporate into NEHS. She is very involved and is always a bright example of what a club president should be like.”

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