Senior best friends Laura Earlenbaugh and Brienna Kendall prepare to be roommates in college

Earlenbaugh and Kendall will room together at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri

Sarah Myers, JagWire editor-in-chief

Just by being in a room with seniors Laura Earlenbaugh and Brienna Kendall (or “Baura,” as they call themselves), it is easy to see their connection – they think the same things and they know what the other one is going to say before they say it.

As their senior year comes to a close, however, the two are not preparing to part ways; instead, they are preparing to be roommates together at Evangel University, a private Christian university in Springfield, Missouri.

“[Rooming together] was a no brainer, since we both loved Evangel and I already knew that’s where I wanted to go,” Earlenbaugh said. “It just made sense.”

One of the major reasons rooming together will work for the duo is their close bond. Besides, they already do everything together. They go out to eat, they go thrift shopping, they go to concerts. In fact, they often spend entire weekends together.

“We’re really similar in some ways and really different in others,” Kendall said. “I’m really outgoing and she’s more of an introvert, which is good because I can pull her out of her shell.”

Despite their undeniable bond, the two have only been friends for two years. Kendall admits it was One Direction that pulled them together — that, and their love for Jesus. Earlenbaugh agrees that their values and interests were what made the friendship so easy to begin.

“It seems like we’ve been friends all our lives,” Earlenbaugh said. “It happened so fast. It was like one day we were acquaintances and the next day we were best friends. We never had that awkward stage most people go through.”

While having such similar personalities makes their friendship strong, it is a slight concern for the two when it comes to living together. Still, they plan to overcome any obstacles with ease.

“Our friendship is more important than rooming together,” Earlenbaugh said. “That being said, I think it will work out. We have a really special relationship and we’re mature enough to work out our problems before they get too big.”

Like Earlenbaugh, Kendall also believes rooming together will not have a negative result.

“I think rooming together in college is definitely going to strengthen our friendship,” Kendall said. “We’re definitely going to get closer and we’ll see sides of each other we haven’t before.”

When asked what she’s most excited for to room with her best friend, Kendall paused to think. Finally, she replied in a way that put it simply, but put it best.

“College is going to be a big change,” Kendall said. “I’m excited to have one piece of home there with me.”

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