Scoops is a great ice cream destination

By Sarah Fulton

Sarah Fulton, managing editor

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Located in the store front that formerly held Emily’s Frozen Custard, Scoops bring classic ice cream with a twist to an area overwrought with frozen yogurt and frozen custard.

While providing the standard hot fudge sundae and chocolate ice cream, Scoops also offers unique flavor combinations.

I ordered the Anniversary Cake and tried both the Cotton Candy Twist and Country Apple Pie. The Anniversary Cake was yellow cake batter ice cream with cake bites and frosting. It was whipped to a light, fluffy texture that complimented the overly sugary flavor and bright yellow coloring.

The Cotton Candy Twist was cotton candy flavored ice cream with nougat-flavored bits. It tasted delicious, but the best part was that it looked exactly like cotton candy. It had both pink and blue parts swirled together in a magical childhood fantasy.  It made me feel like a 4-year-oldin all the best ways.

The apple pie flavor hit a more adult note. It consisted of apple ice cream with small pie chips and an apple pie flavor ribbon. The flavor was sweet, but in a more subtle way than the other two types. A light note of cinnamon made the flavor profile very full and rounded.

To top off the amazing ice cream, the service was great. There was one employee and quite a few customers, but he got the ice cream out in a timely manner and gave each customer a decent amount of attention. He was ready with suggestions of what to order and offered taste tests regularly. The best part was that he was generous with the portion sizes.

A small cup, two scoops, was $2.50 and at first that seemed a little stiff. However, once you start to eat it, you realize that it was well worth the price and had plenty of ice cream.

Honestly, the best part was that if you are a Mill Valley High School student, you receive 20 percent off. Cheap ice cream is good ice cream.

Overall score: Five out of five stars


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